We like to think of Afro-Luso as PERi-PERi for the ears.

It’s a collection of fresh and contemporary African and Lusophone (Portuguese speaking) music from far and wide. The unique merged sound from Africa and South America does not come from one specific place, but it does all come together in one festive sound in our Nando's restaurants.

The sounds of Afro-Luso complete the exotic Nando's experience… you can now eat, see, feel, smell and taste Nando's!

As the Portuguese travelled the world several hundred years ago, their culture mixed with the cultures of local communities in a host of exotic places. And the taste of Nando’s is very much a result of this blending.

But it wasn’t just the food that blended – Portuguese language, dance and music also mixed with local cultures. Any visitor to Brazil, Mozambique or Angola today will be able to experience this fascinating blend for themselves.

The beat travelled from Africa to Latin American countries such as Brazil, Cuba, and Puerto Rico, where musicians merged the African rhythms with local flavours to unleash music styles such as the Salsa, Rumba, Mamba and Cha Cha.