A visual feast

Nando’s may have come quite a way since our humble beginnings in Johannesburg, South Africa in 1987, but we’ve never forgotten our roots.

The amazing works of art we have in all our restaurants are a beautiful and constant reminder of where we came from.

We embarked on our art project – which gives South African artists the opportunity to create works of art for us – way back in 2002.

Ranging from oils and sculptures to beadwork and weaving, we take pride in the fact that with thousands of gorgeous pieces, we’ve become the largest buyer of South African contemporary art in the world with over 7,500 pieces supported by over 1000 Nando’s restaurants. We’ve also been told that our collection is the largest outside of South Africa.

What we like most about our art project is that it’s given undiscovered, emerging and established artists from diverse social and economic backgrounds the opportunity to have their work on display in our restaurants around the world whilst we develop their skills, provide art education, business tools and ongoing support and feedback.

It feels really good to know that we’ve helped give many artists the freedom to focus on their art full time, and that we’ve given our customers something beautiful to look at, without having to set foot in a gallery.