Our online menu shows only the menu items that are suitable for your chosen dietary requirements. Before we show your personalised menu we need you to agree to a few terms and conditions shown below: 

Full terms and conditions

We serve most of the allergens listed in at least one product on our menu, so there may be a risk of cross contamination.  Customers with special dietary needs should state their requirements at the time they place their order to allow Nando’s staff to take all reasonable precautions to avoid cross contamination

The allergy information is accurate on the day it is consulted online, but may change at any future time.  Customers must check the Menu Food Specifications book (available in all Nando’s restaurants from the manager) each time they visit Nando’s before placing their order, just in case any of our ingredients have changed

The information available on the website is for plain products and does not include any bastes or sauces. Please check the Menu Food Specifications book for more information on these

The information concerns only intended ingredients of menu items and does not include any customisation to a menu item (e.g. adding cheese to a burger).  Any customisation should be checked in the Menu Food Specifications book before placing any orders

Each menu item has a list of ingredients.  This is the fullest information we have from our suppliers, and is consistent with UK labelling laws.  Please be aware that certain ingredients, especially those with small quantities in the recipe, do not have to be fully broken down (e.g. “spices”)

Please note that Nando’s are not vegetarian restaurants, however we do take specific steps to segregate our non-meat products from our meat products as follows:
- A segregated area of the grill is defined for the exclusive cooking of non-meat products.
- Separate utensils are always used with non-meat products.
- Separate bottles of the Nando’s bastes are used exclusively for basting the non-meat products.

Other information:

The manager on duty will be best placed to answer any questions about our kitchen practices to allow customers with special dietary need to make an informed choice about eating in the restaurant
The Menu Food Specifications book, available in all Nando’s restaurants from the manager, also offers more detailed dietary information for the following requirements:

- Nuts & derivatives
- Peanuts & derivatives
- Fish & derivatives
- Egg & derivatives
- Crustaceans
- Molluscs
- Milk & derivatives
- Soya & derivatives
- Celery
- Mustard
- Lupin
- Sesame seeds
- Gluten
- Sulphur dioxide (> 10 mg/kg)
- Monosodium glutamate
- Irradiated foodstuff
- GM matter

We understand that no matter how comprehensive the data, we cannot answer every question you may have about our food. If you have any specific questions, please contact us here.